There are tons of organic and natural resources for beauty and skin care we always take for granted.  We are often distracted with great marketing techniques and entertaining advertisements on TV and billboards, etc…

Oh Honey! My Sweet Honey!

Yet, we always forget that just in our kitchen we have everything to nourish and maintain a healthy, beautiful skin.  After writing about Olive Oil, another natural wonder I will expose now what is common in your kitchen. that would be another beauty wonder.  What is it? Tandararaaan! HONEY!

Yes, so sweet, so yummy, honey! hahaha!  Ok, kidding aside…Honey is really good for sore throat.  Weird, because in my voice lessons back in grade school, I was told sweets aren’t good for your voice and throat!  Well, not just honey by itself though, but you’ve got to crushed cloves of garlic, lemons,  and salt. I know! It seems like it taste terrible but it taste nothing, seriously , because that will happen after that, you literally can’t taste anything…Although, it works for sore throat!  Terrible breath though, lol.  Yeah, that was the hotel owner gave me here in Vietnam when I got sick and suffering from really bad sore throat.

Beauty Talk this time, hey?  Honey, helps you get rid of you blackheads, whiteheads, and it moisturizes your skin too.  All you have to do is wash your face with your favorite facial foam or soap, rinse, and then put  a teaspoon of clean honey(meaning no contaminants and not been used for cooking,beware with some salt or other cooking ingredients mixed with it! LOL I’m not kidding!) and spread it all over your face like a facial mask.  Leave it for 15 minutes to dry a bit.  Then, start dabbing your face with your dry, clean hands.  I have tried this before!

You will feel a pull while doing it, do it more around your nose area.  And you will feel the sensation of pulling nose strips in a sticky way, that’s how you know you are pulling out that blackheads and white heads out.  Do that within 15 minutes.  Then rinse with water and dry it with clean towel.

You’ll notice how smooth and soft your skin is and it will appear rosy a bit, which I love.  Rosy cheeks hey, that’s awesome!  There you go, the secrets of Honey and its wonders.  I hope you enjoyed it!

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