Skin is one of the most important thing people take care of, but in Asia, everyone wanted to have and maintain a flawless light skin. If you have been to Asia, I am sure you’ve seen people walking with umbrellas even if it’s not raining, or fully covered up even if it’s really hot and humid, and skin whitening soaps or shampoos are everywhere. Homemade skin whiteners are widely used by practical households too.

According to, Asians spend $18 billion a year for skin whitening products. Different cultures have different beliefs and origins of giving utmost important for whiter skin, they even use it to gauge what they think ‘beauty’ is and for some, social status. And since K-Pop stars are getting bigger worldwide maybe some K-Pop fans who want to have a more practical skin whitener and look like one will enjoy this video. Enjoy!

Skin Allergy Test

I saw the changes happened to my sister and my friend, plus the ingredients are organic and natural so it is safe to use.  Although, just to make sure… do the skin allergy test by putting a bit of the mixture on your wrist, leave it for 2-3 minutes, and if  nothing happens then you are safe.  However, if itchiness or rashes occur then stop using it.  You might have an allergy to one of the ingredients.


DISCLAIMER: I haven’t personally used this, please do a Skin Allergy Test before applying it all over your skin.



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