I just arrived in the Philippines yesterday and I was just surprised how the NAIA Terminal 3, it was a different airport from the last time so it is quite confusing hey…  Anyway, it is more classy and slick so it is cool going back through Terminal 3.

Well it is good to be back, my family and friends that I missed in a year and a half traveling around Southeast Asia.  There are good and bad stuff of going back, but what can we do… Home sweet home, finally…  but I will be starting a new life and I’m back to attend fashion events and parties!  More posts coming up about the Philippine scene…

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One thought on “Home Sweet Home

  1. hiyee… welcome back! how have you been? hoping to see you this time… keep me posted — i’, sorry. I wasn’t able to notice your ym message earlier… hope to hear from you soon.. tsup!

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