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Isn’t it interesting? That Philippines produces a lot of natural resources and now becoming in demand all throughout the world for having a high class designs, products, and quality.  From the stylish furniture, runway clothing designs, fashion handbags, to jewelries.

The locals’ eye for style and vivid detailing has made its way to be known and acknowledges worldwide for its products and services.  Let alone these jewelries custom made for every customers, to give them their own and unique style of Hollywood Style jewelry made from beads.

The designer and owner of Cryst Jewelries, Crystalyn Yason, learned this craft from when she was in the US and in Japan.  Techniques that led her to the success to launch a fashion product line, particularly jewelry.  Her collection of jewelries is ‘Fit for a Queen’ but fits everyone’s budget as well.  Making you feel like living a life of a royalty! From the price range of Php 1,900-up ($30-up), it is so affordable and yet so stylish!  You can even walk the red carpet with these jewelries parading with the bunch of Hollywood stars that wears outrageously expensive ones without them knowing the difference!

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One thought on “Hollywood Style Jewelries From The Philippines

  1. I would love this high pants to be paired with my long cardigan from my store. Thanks for this post!

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