Bells are ringing, carols are playing, cool breeze is blowing and for some places, it’s snowing…We all know why, Christmas is here!!! Everyone is rushing to prepare something, people shopping for food, gifts for friends, loved ones, etc…

So what’s the most useful tool I can give you for this season? Holiday Gift Finder, Wanna Use Mine? Oh sure you do, and you’re welcome to use it anytime…Feel free to use it!!! Happy Holidays!!!

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2 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Finder, Wanna Use Mine?

  1. I saw your blog on blogcatalog. You said you’re on the look out for Filipino blogs to read. I thought I’d jump the gun on you and read you first. I’m glad I did. I find the design unique, highly original. Parang redundant? hahaha. One small thing though – of course you’re not yet thru putting the finishing touches to it – kindly make the print more readable. But then, perhaps, it’s my aging eyes and not the design. Nice meeting you.

  2. Hello Jan! Thanks for visiting my blog…Actually, that’s the one I am referring to, my background doesn’t load up well to other computers, I don’t know why? It wasn’t like that before…The background was the same color as that light lilac piece of paper up there where the ‘blog’ word pointing to the posts is…I wonder what happened why suddenly it doesn’t load anymore…making it unreadable for readers/visitors. It’s weird. I would cjange the whole template though…I’m just on process of choosing a simple and good template where I could still play around and add more pieces on it to make it more personal and unique…This is actually the old theme I am trying to change…I love it, its just I don’t know why the system doesn’t? Geeezzz…Back to square one then…

    Anyways, Happy Holidays to you Jan!!!

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