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It was an emergency trip back to Suratthani after a chaotic 2 weeks of trying to secure some documents, I’ve heard some bad news that didn’t get require any second guessing but to fly home.  I landed safely in Phuket and because the arrival was a little late, I have to hire taxi service.

Metered Taxis in Phuket

Although there are metered taxis around Phuket, I would have to check on the fixed rates of taxi companies that provides long distance service.  In my case, it’s 4.5 hours on a normal day but since we went out late it went down to just almost 3 hours (I’m too tired to even remember the exact time but we were early to arrive in Suratthani).

It was really a private car and because of the need to arrive as soon as possible, I did changes on my plans.  I re-booked my flight back and contacted several taxi companies in Phuket via email and mobile phone.  I talked to some that are somewhat okay, some cheaper than the others and some charging more for the ‘night differential’.  I do understand that and I wouldn’t really mind paying for it, but how did I decide which company should I go to?

How did I choose my taxi for that night?

It is pretty cool how the nice taxi driver/owner who drove me home together with his wife (just to make me comfortable traveling with them) asked me, “I know you have inquired with other taxi companies online.  What made you decide to choose us against the others?”.  I directly said, “Your great Customer Service.  He then replied, “How did you know we’ll deliver a good service by just corresponding through emails?”.  I have worked in different call center companies, and living/traveling around Thailand for over a year now made me realize that good customer service is hard to find in Thailand.  Yet, they stood out on how polite they deal with customers even if they have not seen them, and even without an assurance that the customer that inquired would take their service, they still accommodate my inquiries, and not just that, they are quick to respond too.

Going The Extra Mile

Now, this is really going the extra mile service. Kun Prachat (a.k.a Mr. Prachat) and his sweet wife, Kun Oan was really nice to me.  Kun Oan said she wants to go with me to make me feel comfortable traveling at night on their taxi.  Salute to Kun Oan because she have work early morning that day and yet, for my sake she traveled with us.  Mr. Prachat’s English and accent surprised me.  Using a Thai influenced British accent, it was a breath of fresh air to hear a Thai person talking like that.  He said, he used to work in Saudi Arabia as an Engineer and currently focusing on a new business ventures he and his wife is starting to build, which is a life insurance business under Samsung.

prachat-oan(Mr. Prachat and his sweet wife, Kun Oan)

I had fun on that trip and if you wish to get their transport service, you can contact them through their number: +66-81 9-58 2791 or through their website:

Disclaimer: I am sincerely referring them due to my great experience with their service and I do not get any commission or whatsoever from their company on this post.

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  1. Excellent story. Very much enjoyed your writing style. I felt as if I was right there with you. Great when you make new friends in foreign countries.

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