Hiring Motorbikes, BUdget Wat to Do Tours

If you are want to find out more about places and you are not in a hurry, I have some tips to give you how to budget and still have fun touring places.  Isn’t it great to chill out for some time in one place before going to another?  Learn their culture, traditions, and ways?

TIP: Don’t just jump on a tour package, just chill for a few days, walk around the town then hire a motorbike.  They’ll give you a free map, and that way you can enjoy the tourist places at your own time without thinking someone’s waiting and save some money for your food, entrance fees for some tourist places, parking fee for just one bike, instead of hiring two easy rider tour guides and paying for their food as well…

Just be sure of the country’s road rules, they may vary in different towns.  Sometimes they don’t even ask for  driver’s lisence to drive motorbikes… 😀

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