Hippies Created Bohemian Fashion

The Hippie Clothing originated in US by mid-60’s, the clothing style was popularized by the radical youth during that period.  The Hippies are known to be rebellious in a subtle way, creating their own communities and groups, as well as other radical habits and practices.

Hippie, Indie, Boho, Vintage, etc…

Bohemian ClothingIt is hippie clothing style who has become and reincarnated as Indie Clothing (Independent Clothing) in the 80’s because the style refuse to follow trends, but their comfortable styling, ethnic taste, and accessories.  It has later become the Bohemian Clothing upto the present.

Now Hippie Clothing is widely recognized in fashion industry as the Bohemian Fashion or Boho Fashion.  More and more people are fascinated by the ethnic look of the hippie clothing style that is now popular because of the tribal trend this year.

Natural Fashion? Style it Hippie!

Also, hippie groups are always into nature.  My prediction is that the hippie clothing style or hippie fashion will become more and more famous.  The campaign for environmental action to help Mother Nature will push it to its fame. They are known to use eco-friendly items to create their style and fashion.

Hippie Clothing MOD

Their use of natural fabrics and materials, as well as recycling vintage clothing.  Vintage clothing as we all know is well patronized for their elegance and simplicity.  It has truly become Indie Clothing revolving through time.  It is the fashion of the past to future.

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