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Highest Earning Text Ads for Your Blog – INFOLINKS

Highest Earning Text Ads for Your Blog - INFOLINKSDo you really want a High- Earning Affiliate Program?  Well, Infolinks is what you are looking for.

It’s cool that they are text ads, meaning, it doesn’t matter what niche your blog is into.  You can Monetize Your Blog Without Jeopardising Your Theme! Aside from that, they give you other opportunities to earn money from referrals.   A chance to earn $25 USD on referrals.

Why Infolinks?

Yes, you can.  I joined Infolinks just last February of this year, and guess what?  I have already earned from Infolinks more than what I have earned from Adsense.  I was surprised to find that out, Adsense was my highest earning ads before I joined Infolinks, and now they are getting better.

Another thing that I like about Infolinks is that, they accept almost everyone on their program.  No Discrimination. Other Affiliates devalues site owners judging from where they are from specially those from Asia like me.  Some declines application, or if not, gives lesser ads value which is unfair because performance based, some websites do well on advertising on their blog.  From our blogs itself, that earns good amount of real traffic and rankings online, adverstisers get the same deal they can get from other websites based from other countries. That is what makes Infolinks stand out, every aspect of the program is easy, secure, high earnings… In short, User-Friendly in all aspects.  They have all the answers to every blogger’s questions.  Simple, Reliable, Secure, Easy Programs, etc.

Earning Proof with Infolinks

Here’s my earnings proof, from the first month to the next, it has been increasing a lot, specially that my traffic is growing too, the more the traffic you get, the better the income you’ll earn!

(See the Leap of My Earnings for a Month? Imagine for the ff. Months)

Highest Earning Text Ads for Your Blog - INFOLINKS

Earnings as of April 12, 2009

Highest Earning Text Ads for Your Blog - INFOLINKS

Easy Programs and Payment System

What is amazing about them too, is that they pay through Paypal.  Which is easier for most bloggers as we all transacts online, and Paypal as the most secure online banking company is really great for most bloggers out there.  It is easy to use program, instructions are simple that even a 5th grader can do…lol.  Check out the Check Points List of how great Infolinks is?

*If you don’t have Paypal account yet, Sign up HERE!

Check Points of Infolinks

  • Free Sign-ups
  • Easy Programs
  • Instant Integration
  • High Earnings
  • Non-Space Consuming Ads
  • Applicable to Any Blog Niche
  • Accurate Reports
  • Easy Payment System
  • Other Earning Opportunity

I never had a problem with them, and I am excited to share this to all bloggers and website owners out there, so you could increase your website’s  earnings through Infolinks.  Join them and you’ll find out yourself.  To sign up with Infolinks, click HERE.

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11 thoughts on “Highest Earning Text Ads for Your Blog – INFOLINKS

  1. Hello there, I’ll just ask because I’d started to do infolinks yesterday and how can I cash out my money? Do I need to have bank account? I’m sorry by the way, I’m still new to this blog thing.


    1. HI Jino,

      It is easy with infolinks. They pay through Paypal and checks. All you have to do is set your account in whatever way you want to get paid. If you really want to be serious with earning through blogging, I suggest you open up a Paypal account. It is the easiest way to get your money from all the affiliate programs you are part of, or if you prefer checks they all do pay through checks. Just set your mailing address to where you want the checks be delivered and that’s it! All you have to do is wait until you reached to the the allotted amount of payouts.

      However, checks sometimes have to be a while before they send due to the check payment fee…upto you though, but I reckon most of the affiliates are now upgrading to Paypal as they are the easiest and safest way to do transactions online. Goodluck to you and welcome to the blogging world!

  2. Hi Lyndsay!,
    thanks you for the information, it really helped me to understand how infolinks works. Well now I have an idea for it. Thank you very much!


  3. Hello,
    I am from india.
    I don’t have any debit and credit cards.
    I don’t have any bank account.
    Now what can i do?
    Is it necessary to be a member of paypal?
    I want to received my amount cash or any other way for sometime.
    What can i do ?

    1. Hi Ramakant,

      There are other possible ways tohet paid from infolinks…you can set your payment method to- Checks. That wayyou can still receive the payment even without paypal account, however, miost affiliates have minimum payouts for checks. Usually, $100 minimum pay outs for checks. All you have to do is wait until you reached the minimum commission and wait for the payout when you reach $100 commission.

  4. HELP!

    I just signed up for Paypal… and chose it to be my payment method for Infolinks. I’ve successfully verified my debit card with Paypal too (to allow me to do withdrawal transactions).

    Problem is — when I was tagging Infolinks with my Paypal — Infolinks is asking for my PAYPAL ACCOUNT!! I do not see(I tried and tried searching) for any Paypal Number.

    What Paypal Account is infolinks asking? Where do I get my Paypal Account? Is it a set of numbers??

    Please.. please help me

    1. Hi N.Addict,

      Well, I think I had the same problem when I was starting but I forgot the steps to do it. All I remember was that I contacted Infolinks to ask about it and they replied to me with the help. They’ve got great support, so I think you’ll have to do the same. 🙂

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