high waist

(Image from yourskirt.com)

Two years ago when I got introduce and saw the chic high waisted fashion trend in Milan. Yet until now, in Australia and in the Philippines I noticed that high waist fashion is still kicking in.  It started with high waist (HW) slacks, then shifted to HW skinny jeans, and now on the spotlight are skirts and dresses.

Popular trend of high waisted clothing this season is the Tulip shape-floral printed skirts or tube skirts.  Every summer, dresses and skirts are phenomenal, not to mention florals representing flower blooming season. Stylists and designers are innovating styles to get ready for the next trend in fashion, so enjoy your HW pieces before they start fading from the trend.

I don’t really wear dresses, I do occasionally but I love how it looks.  I am just not a dress girl, more of a shirt and jeans girl here, so much for the chit chats, grab yourself one this summer!  I mean, high waisted skirts are cool this season!

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