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Ok, I know most of us was caught to the high waist skirts and dresses trend but take a minute to notice the high pants.  They too are cool!  For those who aren’t comfortable wearing skirts and dresses, but still wanna wear the trend I think this is your chance hey…

Sporty women would tell me, “yeah right!”, go ahead and try it yourself.  You can be in the style you might be dreaming of wearing (except it is in skirt/dress)high waist, with its very important component you sporty people want, comfort.  There you go, wish granted from the fashion industry.  You know that every demand comes a supply! hahaha!  That’s what you call business. 😀


(High Waist Cropped Siamese Elastic Jeans)

Give it a try! Celebrities have tried them on like those photos shown above, you can make your first judgment based on those shots.  What do you think?  Am I making you think twice?  I have no idea, but if ever you do and wanna try it  try the High Waist Cropped Siamese Elastic Jeans for only $11.25 you won’t have to worry ’bout the budget and the trend anymore.

Yeah, sure… This too can be paired with the starting to make the trend light “Sando Trend” or a simple fitted T-shirt with or without prints will surely make it great!  Easy to pull it off, easy to wear, whether casual or formal, however you want it to be!

One more thing,do you know what can you get in wearing high pants? If they fits your figure, then your tummy problem will be sucked in.  I mean, not immediately but because of the pant’s shape it shapes your tummy and waist as well.  So there you go, it’s not just a trend but you can enjoy benefits of wearing them too aside from comfort!

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