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Last June 8, 2011, a campaign to save Philippine Seas was launched due to a big bust of illegal traders of our black coral reefs, turtles, other rare and endangered marine species caught in Davao.  I remember seeing the video on TV, sad to see how much they got, they really took a lot of life out of the sea not knowing how much damage they have done not only for our nature but for themselves too.

Precious marine resources were being imported illegally to produce fashion accessories or house decorations that could be sold in big amount of money.  I used to buy those accessories ages ago, simply because they look good, I wasn’t aware where it was made from until I started travelling alone(it opened my eyes to a lot of things, it changed me totally for a better me) and learned how to ask questions directly. I met people who taught me to be more aware of my surroundings, the things I buy, eat, look up to, etc. It also made me a nature lover, for some good reason.

Now that I’ve become one, I’m dying to go scuba diving and I do not want to visit their world without them.  I need them to greet and meet me under the sea when I get to dive in the near future.  It’s fun to have met ‘Flounder’ in Hundred Islands and would love to meet ‘Nemo and friends’ soon, that is why I’m doing my part here to spread the word.  Even if I was 5 months late to participate, I always believe it’s NEVER too late.

Oh, I just remembered a photo I saw on Facebook showing Denmark’s tradition to kill dolphins being participated by young adults.  The tradition is to show that the young adults are old enough to take responsibility for themselves(but I guess that goal FAILED!), it is not right.  Killing to feed your mouth is somehow acceptable, but killing to feed your ego is totally not acceptable!


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