If you are looking for a laid back vacation? Pack your bags to Vang Vieng, Laos. The town is amazing for the natural scenery itself. Breathtaking views of beautiful mountains and river tubing will complete your relaxing time in Laos.

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Haaay…that’s making me reminisce how serene it was out there 7:00am, out in the balcony staring how beautiful and wonderful those mountains are. I can’t help but just to stare at them in hours. Also, when I was out tubing along the river, that is amazing! The close view of the mountains? Unbelivable!

Did I mentioned how cool their restaurants are? Oh they have uniquely laid back theme for having customers lying back while having their meal while watching TV series. That was awesome! Oh yeah, you have different choices of shows like; Simpson’, “FRIENDS”, others offer movies.

By the way, there’s more! TUBING? you can do bar hopping along the river, yeah! That was fun, bars do offer free use of swings and flyingfox when you buy drinks or food from their cafe. You should try one of those! ;-)..

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