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Sando Trend and High Waist

Anyone noticed how cool is the sando trend?  Sleeveless it is, very comfortable and easy to match with.  We were just used to wearing them as high waistunderwear or night wear something we love to wear when feeling lazy or just around the house.  The good thing is that, when High Waist trend came out, high waisted pants and skirts look awesome match with a simple top, which in most cases Sandos.  Then the Sando trend was born.

Sando to Match with What?

Although, it is highly recommended that you match sando on a high waist skirt than pants.  As it looks awesome with dresses and skirts but as great on pants.  For some reason, the high waist pants with wide bottom looks better than narrow ones.


Anyway, all this stuff got me inspired after I saw “The Bounty Hunter” and witness how gorgeous Jennifer Aniston plus the fact that I like the outfit she’s wearing in the movie!  Ok, it’s not that it clicked to me right there and then but  few weeks after, I saw some Hilary Duff’s movie.  I forgot the title, it is some under cover fashion magazine assignment for her big break and her boss is wearing a white sleeveless top and red high waist skirt match with a plain black leather belt, then that made me notice the trend.

high waist

Tried it on ( I wore black sando and high waist black skirt dyed with navy blue), and wallah! I don’t wanna say how it is, but I love it!!!  There you go, all fashionistas out there! you can try it yourself!  I’m not a dressy girl but I love wearing this trend… Hmmm, wearing this skirt is not that bad, maybe I’ll be wearing skirts and dresses more often! Why not hey?! lol.

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2 thoughts on “Have You Noticed The Sando Trend?

  1. This is a great fix me up and dress me down, could wear it with high waisted corduroys and wear to work or team it with a body con skirt and go partying with it…
    I know personally, it have rocked this trend :)however basic it is.

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