I know it’s still early to greet Happy Easter Everyone! But it’s not that long, two nights more and it’s Easter Sunday.  Holy Week for Catholics especially, is really important.  Commemorating Jesus’ Sacrifice for all of us.  I wouldn’t want to be religious in this post in respect to the non-Catholic readers but no Fashion stuff today, may be tomorrow. 😀

Happy Easter Everyone!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Anyways, to see the brighter future of the sad events that happens to Jesus, Easter is the happiest celebration day in the Holy Week.  Yes, Easter Sundays should be merry, Easter Bunnies, Easter Eggs, chocolates, and champagnes are unleashed from the grocery stores.  Some would just chill with a cuppa, reflecting of the whole year for their spirit.  What about you?  What would you do on Easter Sunday?

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