Browsing the online store Cipo & Baxx Shop, I thought it would be nice to wear a new haircolor wearing their clothes.  From that, I know as the year 2011 begins, every one wants a new beginning in almost anything. New clothes, new year’s resolution, new job, new car, new house, new boyfriend/girlfriend(!hahaha! kidding! but it happens for some…).  So what made you think that look conscious people would not even think about having a new hottest haircolor?  Guess what? They would also want it to be at the latest trend.

I also bet, that since you are reading this post, you too are already thinking about having it done to your hair if you would like the trend of this year.  Tell you what, when the hair color trends come out of their closet they are always in varieties so that people could choose from the colors and styles suitable for them.

Hair Color Trend 2011

So what’s the trend for your hair color this year? Read on then…

Purple- Purple has become a trend this year.  Around Singapore’s greatest fashion hang out, Orchard Road,  you’ll notice the hairstylists making the

Purple color on its way to their own hair.  Some I saw wears it as a highlight, some does their whole head with light purple(not too bright is what I mean), and some wear it edgy as real bright purple streak on top of their head.  They all look good on them, it is just tricky to wear them.

Orange- Aside from Purply twist, Orange is on the rise.  To color your hair fully with Orange it is perfect for Caucasians as it will compliment their complexion.  However, if you are not, there’s always a trick that can work as brilliant to people with dark hair.  Highlights.  It will look fiery and hot!

Red- Red is always interesting, yet still depends on how good your stylist is and how good you can pull it off.  I suggest you communicate with your stylist and if you are sure you really want to paint your head red!

Rainbow- When I say rainbow, that means rainbow highlights. I actually had them on.  It looks great!  The story behind it is that, I wanted to have the orange streaks but since my hair is healthy and virgin(as the stylists describes it), the color faded and turns out with this effect.  Surely, I find it cool!  I saw them on my Caucasian friend before, it looks great as she has blond hair that makes the color shines brilliant and clear!

Other colors that are still included for this year’s trend is the Ash Brown color, Icy White, and Highlights are the all time color trend…  Just have to wear it with a twist to make it more interesting.  Up to you now to decide what to color trend to follow for your hair. Have a great look! 🙂

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