It was when I was applying for a job in Taguig when I first experienced Habal-Habal.  I was just gonna ask how to go to a certain place from some men standing beside motorbikes, I didn’t know they have Habal-Habal in Taguig until those guys offered the motorbike ride for a fee.  That triggers my adventure blood and brought my memories back to Vietnam times. Thrilled by the excitement of experiencing the motoride in the Philippines (not that I haven’t tried it before but as a public transportation, that was my first time here).

When I hitched on the moto and the moto-guy switched the engine on,  my heart jumps and my thoughts raced back to Vietnam moto moments.  It was hell of an excitement as unlike Vietnam’s absolute road craze, I believe that even though we have crazy roads its still les crazier than Vietnam.  That case, I enjoyed the speed of the motoride that you can barely do in Vietnam because of the moto traffic.  I thought, “This is so much fun!” as the moto guy speeds up in the highway, and that is indeed another adventure I never thought I could experience in Metro Manila.  It’s cool that I’m exploring different public transportation means we have here that I haven’t tried before, just like my first PNR train ride experience.  All that happened when I moved to Taguig, and now, Habal-Habal has been my regular means of transport going home when I’m from graveyard shift.  Same thing with PNR train going to mum’s place every weekends.


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