Stress is dangerous to your health and your being as a whole. It affects everything in your life, your temper, your efficiency at work, your relationship, etc. This post was written by Timon Weller from Occult Blogger, and will guide you and help you a lot to release your stress out of your system.” -Lyndsay Cabildo

There are many forms of powerful meditation techniques that are all good for quieting the mind and finding peace and one powerful form is Guided Meditation.. This form of meditation allows the meditator to be guided into the meditative state more easily, which is particularly good for those that get distracted easily..

Guided Meditation, Can make it easier to go deep into Meditation!

Guided meditation can be broken up into two main categories, visual and verbal.. I have always found guided meditation one of my favourite techniques to distract the mind before going deeper and deeper into trance.. Here is a good example of a good guided meditation technique..

9 Guided Meditation Steps To Try..

1 ) Guided Meditation Sit somewhere comfortable upright

2 ) Guided MeditationStart unwinding (relaxing) and close the eyes

3 ) Guided MeditationFocus on your breath and let the days worries go

4 )Guided MeditationNow think of the most relaxing place to you, maybe a garden or sitting on the beach

5 ) Guided MeditationFeel the sun on you in this place cleansing and healing..

6 ) Guided MeditationNotice the birds cheeping and playing.. Look around at your surrounds..

7 ) Guided MeditationListen to the water if it it the beach and sink in the surrounds

8 ) Guided MeditationUnwind further in your sanctuary, your place of transit to the meditative state, a place or protection, here is your chosen place you can relax before going further into meditation..

9 )Guided MeditationNow start focusing on your breath, and let thoughts come and go but do not hold onto them, let yourself go into further meditative state and enjoy..

These are great guide for meditation that will help you release or cope up with the stressful routine of your everyday life.

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