This is my last day in Da Lat for now,  need to leave the town since they are marking up the prices here for the 115th year celebration of their city (from Dec.17-23), and I can’t leave without writing a review of this great restaurant I found here.Lyndsay's Photo of Grilled Steaks at Nam Son, Da Lat, Vietnam

From a $7 USD room to $15 USD is quite a big change for the budget.  Tomorrow, I will be back to the beach town, Nha Trang.  In acknowledgement of their generosity to us, I would like to thank them through my blog… 😀

Nam Son Restaurant is located at the heart of the town.  Near the town’s Market, just beside the XQ Art Exhibit Shop, there they are!  Offering hearty meals for the most reasonable prices.  No wonder that the place is always packed with locals, and starting to become popular to the tourists.

Nam Son Restaurant has exceptional service for their kind.  From free hot towels(which is charged from most places for 2,000VND), Free banana for a dessert, and friendly staff, it became my favorite place to eat.  My favorite was their Grilled Steak & Fried Rice  for 25,000VND ($1.50 USD), served with reasonable green salad on top, looks yummy!(not just looks, it tastes yummy as well!!! 😀 ).  Staying in Da Lat for almost a month, they already know my favorite, they don’t give me the menu anymore because I keep ordering the same.  Grilled Steak & Fried Rice with Hot Vietnamese Green Tea and a free banana on top of it all, you’ll never feel unsatisfied everytime!

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