Great Streetfood in Saigon!

Great Streetfood in Saigon!Great Streetfood in Saigon!Street Food in Saigon? There’s a lot of varieties out there, kebabs, sandwiches, fruits, drinks, and a lot more! You can easily live in Saigon for under $10 USD for guesthouse, and street foods. They are amazing, you just have to figure out where is the great place that offers clean, healthy, and cheap food. Mainly on the street, you can easily find them everywhere in Saigon. Good for budgeting. 😀

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  1. Dianne Cabildo

    your blog makes me hungry.. hehehe..
    by the way where’s Saigon??=p

    you know what? everytime i read your blogs. i feel i’m being transported to where you are right now.=)

    take care!

    keep up the good work girl!

    good luck!

    god bless!


  2. Hahaha…it’s in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam…Haven’t you heard Ms. Saigon? the theater play popularized by our own Lea Salonga? This is the city. Pretty much like Manila in some ways. Same same but different, as most Southeast Asian say…:D

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