I am not really into veggie diet eversince I was a kid.  What else you could expect from an Asian kid? Specially growing up in the Philippines, geeeeeeez! Most of us doesn’t like eating veggies that much.  Although we still eat some, whenever we’re around the elders…lol..but now my family would be surprised how I Go Healthy with Veggie diet.

Yeah, for me, veggies are eeeeeeewwwww or yuck tasting when growing up.  Then I went abroad, and most of the place that I’ve worked to, serves veggies…okay, okay, so I learned how to digest veggie. 😀

You know what the good thing is? I learned eating veggies when I was away from home.  Pretty much as it is, now I am more healthier from veggie diet, so I suggest, go healthy with veggies!  Here in Nha Trang, of all the veggies that is yucky to me which is Tofu.  Nha Trang taught me to go healthy with veggies! and much to my surprise, this place got me addicted to tofu.

What can I do? My favorite vegitarian place offers the best Tofu menus ever! So now from yucky to Going Healthy with Veggies

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