Global Warming WARNING!

As our earth is experiencing difficulties from global warming and all the environmental issues from our ruthless lifestyle, it is now asking for a real action, or it might be too late for everyone of us.

Eco-friendly cars, renewable energy resources, natural beauty products are coming out to resolve this problems that was once ignored by many.  This time around, we can’t afford not to do anything about it.

Bamboo Shirt

Let’s Go Green

So, even fashion industry is complying for the “Nature Call” of rehabilitating our environment.  Fashion world is answering to act its part to help our environment.

How?  Organic clothing are coming out, designers and clothing manufacturers are getting more and more involve to use organic textiles.  The most popular textile at the moment, is Bamboo.

Bamboo clothing therefore, has become the first most popular textile used all throughout the fashion world.  It is because it grows eveywhere, and so resources will be available anywhere as well.  The benefits of using bamboo clothing is primarily comfort, affordability, easy to use (manufacture), and it has a strong quality, which we all want and need.

(Above Image: DCS’ Ladies Bamboo T-shirt from $21.99)

Going organic from clothing to everything will be healthy for all of us and to the environment.  From food, clothing, beauty products, renewable resources… These are not just marketing, but a fact that will make us truly well and healthy.  When we start caring for the environment, it will care for us too.  Do you agree? Not bad adding eco-friendly in your fashion trend collection, hey? 😉

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