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For a smart traveller and a backpacker who knows how to invest their money by making reservations ahead of time, they would not recommend to do the ‘Last Minute Check In’ unless its necessary.  Why?  Most of the hotels and other accommodation businesses know that you really need the room especially if its at the very last minute (Eg. you walked in a hostel at 12am), at that time it is really hard to negotiate for a lower rate since the chances are you are too tired to look for cheaper room to stay.  They would take advantage of that need to make you shed your money in their business at that right time.

Checking In At The Last Minute

However, time is changing and that booking your reservation at the last minute would not be so horrible anymore.  CheckInTonight heard that need and problem among travelers, last minute reservation happens all the time which made them came up with this brilliant idea.  You don’t have to worry about getting ripped off and being taken advantage at your worst traveling situation anymore.  How?  CheckInTonight was born August of 2012 to serve you and give you the best deals of accommodation in Asia even at the ‘last minute’, they boast up to 70% off the original accommodation prices that can be booked at the last second of your arrival.

They initially launched CheckInTonight in Cambodia and Bangkok, currently serving 7 countries with 250 accommodation partners(and still growing) to give you the best possible deals on the last minute reservations you make.

Don’t Panic, Make Use Of The Last Minute Reservation App

Isn’t that great? Of course it is!  There’s more to it than just getting a great deal on 70% off  reservation.  CheckInTonight App will also make it easier for you to access reservation and book it as late as when you just landed at the airport, or maybe when you’re just hanging out  having a coffee after arrival to deal with the jet lag.

Using the public WiFi or any internet access mode the application is easy to navigate and search for accommodations of your choice using your android, your tablet, or whatever techie gadget you have!

No Worries!

Not only that you get to find your best accommodation easier by using the app, you can get the cheaper deal even if you didn’t have months ahead to figure this out. So, whether you’re a backpacker, a business traveler, or a leisure traveler that spends their money wisely then this is the answer. 

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