Going to a new place there is always about exploring the unknown, and it will not be possible to arrive at the destination without taking the first step or the first ride going there. Getting around Rome is very important for a traveler to see more of its beauty that tells its stories.


Italy is pretty easy to get around, their transport system is very organized that no tourist or even a budget traveler who prefers the public transport for a much cheaper way will have a hard time using. However, I would like to re-introduce you to the options again.


The Metro is my first choice of public transport in Italy. Just like in any parts of the country each city has their own subway system. Metro or Metropolitana to locals is Italian subway train interconnected with Line A (red) and Line B (blue), conveniently intersected by the Termini Central Station (Roma Termini) that connects the city to the airport and vice versa.

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Buses are almost everywhere in the once most powerful city of the world. Looking at the free tourist map it will tell you where is the nearest bus station (even metro station). Public bus is very convenient if you know exactly what bus number you have to take to get to the nearest stop going to your destination. Yet, it is not hard to figure that out by looking at your map or referring at the legend on different bus stops.


Just like the public buses with a hint of vintage class that always captures my attention, trams share the same stops with the buses. I love how every stops have a legend (and sometime maps) what bus or tram numbers are passing by that exact stop as well as the time of arrival on its digital screens. For stations with no digital ones, they have a list interval minutes in between the buses/trams that is almost accurate.


However, if you want a little convenience on a tourist level rather than going local with the above suggestions, hop-on hop-off buses are easy. Almost every tourist cities you go to in the world has it. It stops exactly at the tourist attractions, you have a tour guide, and you can manage your own time. It’s a combination of the convenience of a tour without keeping your independence away.

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Like any other person that doesn’t really care about the other factors wh en taking a cab such as time, money, and convenience this is the best to get to your destination if you don’t prefer a tour.

Here’s a YouTube video for a nice visual aid on the topic. Enjoy!



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