What’s Cool for 2009?

Tired of skinny jeans and tights? Cool. This year you can still use it, oh I mean, RE-USE it… Are you confused? Wait, let me enlighten you for the latest trend 2009. This is the year of RIPPED jeans and tights, what’s not cool before is cool now.

Get RIPPED for 2009 Fashion Trends

Tired of Skinnies? Here’s What to Do?

After a year round of flaunting your best skinnies, I know you are tired of it. So, just recycle it. Ripped it! Yes, I said Ripped it and be cool. Be on time for the latest. Just ripped your skinny jeans as well as your tights and stockings and you’re ready to Get RIPPED for 2009 Fashion Trends.

Get RIPPED for 2009 Fashion Trends

How to be RIPPED? Do it Yourself and be Fashionable!

You can also cut your old jeans covered in your wardrobe, cut it out as a short pants and let the fringes from cuts hang. Create more fashion style by adding rips cutting little bit more for fringes.

Get RIPPED for 2009 Fashion Trends

How to Wear it? Wear it with What?

Your creative Ripped Jeans/Tights/Stockings are ready, now let’s get you ready to flaunt it! Your ripped jeans are great with a great blouse matched with flat forms, or a not-so-tight T-shirt and sneakers.

Ripped Tights and Stockings are great with dresses and baggy shirts with knee high boots or ankle boots,  as well as platform shoes like strikers! Create your style.

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6 thoughts on “Get RIPPED for 2009 Fashion Trends

  1. Like the faded look, the ripped/torn look can be a double edged blade… If you don’t pull it off, it’s gonna look like it really is: ripped and torn.

  2. Exactly, the person still have to consider her style and put it together to look good with this. This is really tricky style to pull off.

    By the way, Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I loved ripped jeans. I’ve taken several of my guy friends pants and made them into mini skirts. But it is true that you have to be careful how to do these things so you don’t look like a slob.

  4. Yeah, jeans are great because it matches with almost all of the possible looks. But yeah, it depends to the type of jeans you’ll be wearing especially the ripped trends, it’s quite tricky, so you gotta be careful. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by Kassie!

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