(Chic Leather Handbag from DCS Specials at $19.99)

Modern Fashionistas aren’t just stay in one category of looking good, dressing up is a part of everyday life.  Even at work fashionistas will always make sure every detail that she/he will look good.  So, going to work always means carrying a laptop or if you’ve got home based business fashionista that means stylish laptop.  Therefore, stylish lappies means funky laptop bags isn’t it?

Fashion laptops needs funky laptop bags I’m sure.  A-Listers are even trying to hide their laptops in a very chic and natural way of fashion.  What people don’t know is that you don’t have a specific bag for lappies to make it obvious that you have laptops (you wouldn’t want it to be hot for pinchers hey? would you?).  There are a lot of stylish ways to do it.

(DCS Leather Handbag for $11.99)

Getting a bigger handbag that would fit your laptops is a better way of doing it, make your own signature, your style carrying your laptop with your funky laptop bags without being so obvious.  Also, laptop bags available out there are boring!  They all comes in almost the same style, it makes it so obvious you are carrying a valuable with you, and it is a lot pricey than a simple and smart handbag that fits your style.

(DCS Buckled Leather Bag $20.50)

So, don’t get stuck getting a not so funky laptop bags out there just to have a bag for your lappies.  Be creative and stylish, infact, that is the spirit of fashion.  It is an art of making everything better, so don’t settle for old school lappy bags but instead recreate what they dictate, have your own funky laptop bag instead!

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3 thoughts on “Funky Laptop Bags for Modern Fashionistas

  1. Oooh I love the second bag in the photo above. Thanks for sharing the link! I discovered a new online store that ships to the Philippines! 🙂

    1. Yes it is, and to share it to all, IT IS FILIPINO OWNED fashion online shop… 🙂 I launched it last May 22. I am still improving it, so whatever your style needs you want, just contact me and I will prioritize uploading it! Thanks! I hope you guys will support my shop!!!

  2. Laptop bags that are made from natural leather are the best in my opinion since they have that great feel on the hands and the appearance is even nicer. :`’.*

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