I must say Thailand is the Fruit and Vegetable Country, having all this fresh greens everywhere sold on the streets for a very cheap price like 10 Baht ($.30 USD), I thought I wouldn’t get to any place that will beat Thailand that has Fruit Salad Town every after town. It’s a very rich agricultural country.

Fruit Salad Town!

Fruit Salad Town!

Then again, I got here in Vietnam. Found some few Fruit Salad Town! In Hue, and Nha Trang. The photo visible is from Nha Trang which costs 20,000 VND ($1.17) and in Hue, I remember it was 8,000 VND ($.47 USD). Imagine how cheap it is from the real market? It’s heaven to be in a Fruit Salad Town!  Food here is amazing too, like Thailand’s Food, Vietnam’s Food is good but I can say Thai is the best for taste, spices , and everything!

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