Most people are conditioned to work always from bottom to the top, from Uniforms to Business Suits, sounds normal for the workforce cycle? This situation shows improvement from working hard on something, you accelerate from bottom to the top.  That is the Fashion of the Work Force.

From Uniforms to Business Suits

Same thing happens to Online Works, from dodgy to professional.  What’s online working ground? Websites.  Whether you own a blog, website, or e-commerce store, it is your workplace online.  You’re uniform?  That is your template.  Yes, when you get promoted in an online stuff your page rank, visitors, backlinks, shows your success in your online business.

From Uniforms to Business Suits

When to Change From Uniforms to Business Suits?

So, when you online community get to recognize your work they promote your rank.  Therefore, it is your job to do the best you can to improve your business if you want to maintain or progress, always moving forward.  So, I’m changing from uniform to a business suit, NEW and BETTER looking template, designs, and site lay out.

Not only me that would benefit on the raise that I’m getting, I’m sharing to my readers and specially subscribers.  I wouldn’t be promoted from Uniform to Business Suits, if not from you who loves my site, so I will be working on my FREEBIES for you soon, when I got this business suit going well and truly great!  Watch out for it!  and if you’ haven’t subscribed yet and you want to subscribe to my blog, feel free to do it by clicking HERE.

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