We are all familiar and overwhelmed with the eco-friendly campaign in fashion, which in my opinion is great!  Helping to clean up our environment in everything we do, and I am so proud that the fashion industry have joined forces to market in conserving what we have and do whatever we need to do to save our planet.

In the Philippines, a well known Tropical country with 7,107 islands that are rich in natural resources from greens to the body of waters, people are not sleeping waiting for nothing.  How?  Who would not remember Payatas dump site?  The garbage dump site that was once a tragic place for the 218 families who lived and was killed from the typhoon in the year 2000.  The tragedy shocked the world, but 10 years after…

Ten years after the tragedy, the dump site is gone.  The new Payatas families aren’t scavenging anymore, but they are still living off the garbage.  Why not?  They said “There’s money in the garbage!”.  How?  The mothers of Payatas area are now working their crafts and creativity on a world class scale now!

Did You Say ‘Crap’? No, It’s from ‘Scraps’!

Yes, you heard me right?  They are now sawing scraps to a world class export quality designer handbags.  You still don’t believe me?  Look at the photos featured,  those are handbags made from scraps.  Isn’t it amazing?  They are not just eco-friendly fashion handbags, they are also socio-friendly fashion helping out families divert their scavenging old lives to a better way of living!

They now call themselves “Rags2Riches”, a community of mothers in Payatas area that works their living out of garbage (not scavenging anymore! no, no!) but rather a better standard of garbage, SCRAPS.  All of them were designer handbags made mostly by Rajo Laurel and Amina Aranaz-Alunan.  It is now time to shine, isn’t it? and rags are being made to bring richness in the world, claiming the famous “rags to riches” line possible.

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