I am thankful with Ipanema for giving me a chance to be part of their launching event, that was last year when they invited me to the “Ipanema’s Blogger’s Affair“.  From there I was given a complimentary Ipanema Flipflops and another one I won from the raffle (that I gave to my sister!) and hoping I would get one pair from the official sneaker shop one day too.  The flip flops lasted me for a year, which gave it a real good round.  The Ipanema flip flops were with me everywhere I went looking for a job in Singapore (before changing in my high heeled shoes before the interview), walking around when I was backpacking Southeast Asia, trekking, caving, walking at the shore to the other, riding a bike, and a lot more.  It has been a hectic year for my flip flops and just right before the end of my trip it fell off (the plastic crystal like design on top) while I was walking in Bangkok.

From Plastic to Organic Footwear

I can still use it but it does not look good, I tried to glue it but did not work.  Still I came back in the Philippines with those, but I knew I have to get a new pair of best shoes or whatever footwear that will be comfortable for everyday walk.  I decided to get an organic sandals instead.  It’s comfortable and its organic.  I know it would not be as strong as my flip flops, but I know I need to go organic this time.

The sandals are made locally from Cebu, Philippines. Handcrafted by my fellow Filipinos, it is not just the environment I am helping but our country’s small entrepreneurs.  Plus the fact that it looks great on my feet too!  A pair costs Php100 ($2USD) for the flats, while heeled and wedges are Php200 ($4USD), it’s also affordable.

Why you should go organic?  We all have to, the earth is telling us we need to before it will force us to do something to save it!


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