FRIENDS invaded Vang Vieng? Well, do you know what’s the most popular past time in Vang Vieng? After trekking caves, swimming, tubing along the river, and clubbing what do you think would you love to do not spending too much in Vang Vieng?

Yep, a picture paints a thousand words but you know what is says. Just chillin’ on your favorite laidback cafe watching FRIENDS series as long as you want, everyday! Well, you just wanna order some food and drinks of course, to cover up electric bills! 😀


FRIENDS conquer Vang Vieng in storm. Every tourists who stay for while get hooked to it. The series is cool, fun to watch, entertaining. My favorite is Joey, he is really funny! His naive, dumbly character makes him funny, he’s the funniest next to Chandler, Phoebe, Ross, Rachel, then Monica. Sure, it is enjoyable series to watch!

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