Friends I Met in Cambodia

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(Image Courtesy of  Cailin)

When I started traveling Southeast Asia by myself, it was not a planned trip.  Of course it has always been a dream to travel around alone, to be an independent traveler.  Being one change a lot of things in one’s life, my views, my perspective, my actions, and everything that seems to not exist in my character suddenly present when its called for.  Like being a naturally friendly person, geeez every person I know back home would not agree to this but honestly, I have become friendly.

The transition was they approach me first and then we’ll get along the whole time we are together(travelers don’t stay in one place for a long time, they sometimes extend when they are having fun but that’s about it and facebook will be means of continuing the friendship).  Now, the whole traveling experience has changed me becoming the person who can now initiate to approach people to start a conversation or easy to talk to when someone tried to strike a conversation.

It is really fun, I realized.  I get to meet a lot of interesting people along the way and everyone seems so nice, then the friendship begins.  You start going out with them and go to travel together with these amazing people, like you are friends more than you think you are aware of.  Everyone has different stories to tell, every story is interesting.  It makes your eyes wide open that there are certain things happening at the other side of the world that you didn’t know but like your own story, it is as important.

I didn’t even think that I would be back in Cambodia to Bangkok, and for that I have to stay one night in Phnom Penh to catch the bus the next day as there are no bus trip to Bangkok at that same night.

On all my trips, I meet different people although I might not have photos of all of them, I would not forget them and the times we spent together.  They are the friends I gained in Cambodia that made my trip worth remembering.

You see, I wrote about the $2 dorm room I stayed in Siem Reap.  It was a place most people wouldn’t even try, but places like these let you meet people that are more down to earth having them so tolerable of the accommodation we chose to stayed in, they have amazing view in life.

(Image from Cailin: That’s Cailin and Jenz)

Cailin, USA

In that guesthouse, I met Cailin, she is from US traveling around the world every year for 8 months and back to US to work 4 months she said, she’s been doing that in 4 years now.  Cailin was my first dorm buddy, she sleeps right next to me(oh well, the next mattress beside me) and we became friends because of the fan problem in the room.  Well, there were French couple in the room that switches the fan off at night for some reason making us the best mosquito choice in their only menu at midnight and getting up that late at night dripping with sweat and non-stop scratching from the mozzy bites.  This has been going on 3 days before Cailin arrived and there were one other French girl with the couple that I have to deal with in silence.

To make the story short, when Cailin arrived 3 days after, she switched the fan on at night when somebody switched it off!  That day I was so happy thinking, “Wohooooooo! Someone’s now in my team!” haha!  I approached her the next day and so there the friendship story begun.

Jenz, Germany

Then came, Jenz (It’s pronounced ‘Yenz’) from Germany, he’s such a sweet and funny guy who have a really interesting love stories to tell.  Jenz is the most down to earth person I met during my travels, he is so sensitive and thinks a lot.  He approached me one time I am at the balcony just in front of my computer telling me that he thought I was the one who have done good favors to the guesthouse building their website and so they are now staying 1 day for free.  So, the balcony was my hang out and then at night everyone meets me up there to go out to the Old Market for dinner, or go to the river and swim, whatever comes up in mind when we’re bored or hungry!

(That’s Miguel and me!)

Miguel, Peru

Miguel on the other hand was the last one to arrive in the group, well, during my stay.  Miguel is from Peru and studying in China, he’s the youngest from all of us four.  He goes out a lot though but the next day, Jenz and him invited me for a swim at the nearest river(with tuk-tuk ride, of course).  Cailin was out in the temples that time so when we finished at night, I told Cailin about it and she frowned that she missed it.

The river swimming day was cool, funny things happened to Miguel, but yeah, I won’t tell it here because it might be his most embarrassing moment during his trip!  Anyway, we had dinner that night with Cailin, Jenz didn’t feel like going with us and chose to drink by himself at the balcony.  We were so tired that night from the river swimming fun.

The next morning I saw Jenz at the market before getting something for breakfast, he’s going to have a local noodle soup inside the market so I went with him to try it.  It was good, I got the flat noodles with chicken and they put herbs and spices, with sweet potato which give a real interesting taste.

The next day we did the same, this time Cailin went with us but she ended up eating a whole Pineapple instead of the soup.  It was the day when Jenz had to leave, so its quite sad losing one from the group, although I am leaving the next day as early as 3am to fly back in Singapore.  Miguel will be leaving the same day but afternoon to Bangkok, Cailin will be left with the new guy from UK(I forgot his name as he never spoke to me anyway, not even a ‘hi!’), Cailin’s so sweet giving me a cute pink bracelet and a card telling how she appreciates and enjoyed our company.

In Phnom Penh

Ricky, Canada and Christoff, Germany

In my Phnom Penh trip to Bangkok, I met Christoff from Germany who’s a real chatty and cool guy and Ricky from Canada, he’s way older than us but he’s cool.

The three of us chat away the boredom of 6 hours border crossing from Phnom Penh to Bangkok.  I met up with Christoff the next day t to watch a live band in one of Bangkok’s Club before leaving the next day to Krabi with Leizel(I met her in Saigon so I will write about her on Saigon friends post), is the first Filipina backpacker I met during my trip and it’s fun that I see myself to her during her age, she’s 2 years younger than me).

So, there’s the people I met in Cambodia!  Everyone is amazingly cool and made my trip fun and unforgettable, whirlwind friendships that would last forever I reckon.


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