What’s the deal with Free Hosting and not? There are thousands of Free Hosting sites out there, offering you to start a blog or website without money out. Yes, there are many bloggers who avail that services promoting their products and services.


Free Hosting is still limited service. Its free services is good for personal blogging, but not for maximum money making tool. Here’s why:

  • Free Hosting is not search engine friendly, meaning it wouldn’t get much traffic from search engines.
  • Monetizing your blog or site, you need more traffic.
  • Paid Hosting is always way better than Free Hosting when it comes to search engines.
  • Paid Hosting allows you to own your selected domain name for your blog or website. (ex.www.yourdomain.com)
  • Paid Hosting has better Alexa ranking than Free Hosting.
  • Alexa ranks your site according to its quality, traffic, and searches through the major search engines (ex. Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc…)
  • Paid Hosting makes you in control of everything in your website/blog like scripts and more graphic designs acknowledged as uniquely your own by the search engines.
  • Using Free Hosting is not viewed uniquely by search engines simply because it is a shared Free Hosting, using same domain name.
  • etc…


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