Former First Lady Imelda Marcos - Philippine Shoe Icon

TRIVIA: Did you know that Former First Lady Imelda Marcos was a Philippine Shoe Icon during the reign of her husband, Ferdinand E. Marcos?  Yes, she has never wore a pair of shoe twice within 8 years!

Controversial Shoe Collection

It was controversial all over the world as during those times, Philippines is suffering from extreme poverty.  People were starving and dying.  As her husband declared Martial Law, the dictator president has pushed their luck too much.  After 21 years, people’s anger uproared and lead to their forced exile to Hawaii.

Luxury During Famine

Yet, within those years of reign their family experience all the luxuries and extravagance you wouldn’t even imagine will ever happen from a poor country.  Now, her shoes are now in the Shoe Museum, open to public how great and extravagant their lifestyle was.

Even if they came from a rich clan of politicians, it is like a temptation for the people to be living in starvation and yet, leaders are drinking wines, and changing shoes everyday.  Maybe that is why, there was a man who tried to kill her with his own bare hands while she’s giving her speech during the Marcos Reign.

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