food, food, food!!! I hear Classique fondue catering on call!!! You can never get enough of food, I know… It’s always part of your everyday routine, of course! Otherwise, you’ll die!…lol… Kidding aside, when you can get enough, especially at parties, functions, conventions, packed meals, etc.

There’s only one people would never forget…Food, food, food, and more food!!! When I hear food on parties? I hear, CLASSIQUE FONDUE CATERING!

I recommend you book to their office @ 1750 Simoun Street, Sampaloc, Manila PHILIPPINES for free food taste of some of the food on your choice menu. That is by appointment, of course… You can reach them by calling +632-7326141, Monday- Saturday from 8am- 7pm.

food, food, food!!! I hear Classique fondue catering on call!!!

You can also inquire about the catering through email: or I also recommend to book your function atleast two weeks before to avoid hassles.

food, food, food! I hear Classique fondue catering on call!!!

However you want your party or functions may be, Classique Fondue Catering Services is here to serve you in your special occassions.

TIP: Book early specially for Holidays. Classique Fondue Catering can only accept 4 functions maximum a day. Or less, if they have been booked for huge functions that same day. First come, first serve policy is implemented.

food, food, food...

food, food, food! I hear, Classique fondue catering on call!!!

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