Summer Time is coming! Everyone will be out and exposed under the sun again and bikinis, sunscreens, summer dresses will be the trend.  Well, it’s always been the trend of summer.

Flip Flops Goes Tribal

Summer Time!

All the ladies and gents will be busy to hone their abs and figure again, getting ready to fit and look good with their swimwear.  And of course, not to mention that flip flops are the famous footwear on the beach. Why? You don’t wanna wear high heels on the beach, do you? Nah. That will be horrible!

Summer and Tribal Fashion

Well, to look good this Summer is to know and play the Latest Fashion Trends and The Summer Trends.  Tribal is one of the coolest trends for this year specially to be matched with Summer Season, that will be an awesome look!  Good thing, Flip Flops Goes Tribal!

Flip Flops Goes Tribal

(Havainas Animal Prints for $19.99 USD)

Why Flip Flops?

Practically, I love wearing flip flops! They are comfortable and matches with any look.  From where I came from, Philippines that is, it is very humid and most of the time Summer Season :D, so definitely flip flops is the common, not just a Summer footwear…lol.

The great thing about thongs and flip flops is that, not only they are comfortable, they let your feet breathe to avoid smelly feet.

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3 thoughts on “Flip Flops Goes Tribal

  1. Well, I think flip flops look good depending on who wears them, feet of the wearing person has to look good. Hmm, apart from that they are pretty unhealthy and you can get heavy accidents when walking when something goes wrong as one’s feed are not protected in any way.

    Better to be safe than hip and trendy?…

  2. Yeah, I do agree in a lot of ways but it depends on the situation. Like you will want to wear flip flops or thongs on the beach, right?

    And in Asia which most seasons are humid, we all wear it most of the time. Yet, we know where to wear them. We don’t wear thongs at school and offices. Only in the neighborhood because of safety reasons which I agreed with you, and it wouldn’t look good on every look, let say in an interview…lol.

    Anyways, thanks for dropping a comment though…I truly appreciate it! I recommend Havaianas because they are the thongs I use, more comfortable, looks good, and lasts long. My brother loves it too and got one last year, he still using it now.

  3. Flojos has a bunch of great animal print sandals and flip flops I found. And, they are a bit more comfortable than the old school rubber ones.

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