In Tropical Countries like where I am from which is the Philippines, flip flops are the common footwear.  Obviously because of the weather and the comfort of wearing them, so you can see different trendy styles and designs of really cheap flip flops everywhere.  An average flip flops starts from $.15 and up.  I happen to wear the trendy cheapies.  Nope, they are not the melamine contaminated ones… 😀 The cheap flip flops are common in the University areas for some reason, so you can get them there!

However, flats are very trendy, safe, and comfortable.  Against flip flops, flats protects your feet from any bacterias that flip flops expose your feet to.  Also, it helps your feet contains its moisture that may or may not be good depending on your body chemistry.  What am I talking about? I’m talking about, if you are sweaty then it is not good for you as flats contains the sweat in your shoes and causes athlete’s foot and fungi, and because you can’t wear socks on flats because it is so unattractive.

Flip flops on the other hand are still popular for summer footwear.  Even flats has won all the plus points, flip flops still one of the foot wears’ royalty in production all over the world.  People are even spending huge amount of money for a pair of rubber flip flops which we all know is dirt cheap, but that’s how crazy the world is, marketing can turn people’s way of thinking into something else with the help of media.  SO, have your own choice and be smart, don’t get tricked with amazing advertisements or ad  spiels etc…  Choose for yourself…Flats Vs Flip Flops, what do you think is great for you?

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4 thoughts on “Flats Vs Flip Flops

  1. Hi Lindsay! Flipflops for summer and flats all year round.

    I agree with the marketing hype on some flipflops, I thought the price is a break-free for the company. Gosh, you should see the collection of broken Havaianas in my kids’ room.

    1. Yeah, sad isn’t it? I have nothing against Havaianas but there are a lot of things to spend my money on. I know it is a Brazilian owned company, and only if half of their profit is going to the unfortunate people that will be better. But if it’s not, I’d rather do my own crusade…lol

  2. i love my tsinelas. I only have three. Havainas, Ipanema and otto. They are old, so makes it more comfortable. But am not a collector, unlike other girls who collects every design. I think one havainas is enough. they are very expensive no. hihihi.

    cool blog. thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. I think Pinoys have this addiction in branded flip flops because it is our everyday footwear. Just as we would want to have designer clothes if we can… Well, people can do whatever they want on whether or not going for branded thongs or not, designer clothes or ukay stuff. 🙂

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