(Backpackers or Flashpackers?)

How do you know that you have travel addiction syndrome?  Simple, when you realize that all your weekends are fully booked with places to go to or already scheduled for something to do (like outdoor/indoor activities) and even your vacation leaves are marked for this year and the following year…  Forget about the leaves you filed up to next year, still, that does not eliminate the urge for you to travel when you’re addicted. How? Weekend trips.

You might be wondering how could you enjoy weekend trips? Backpackers will say that is enough to travel, experience and savor the beautiful places , but locally?  Well, I think it would be a blast! Yes, I am being true to my word, I want to explore more of my own country and it seems fun.  I have not started backpacking locally yet (because of the crazy typhoons ‘Pedring’ and ‘Ramon’, I have cancelled 2 trips already) and now that the sun is showing up, I guess the weekend trip should begin.

It might not be as laid back as it was when I was backpacking Southeast Asia, yet I think the fun never stops when you’re exploring new things here and there.  Just like any normal employee, I am now tied down to settle and work my a** out to support my new found love, backpacking.  Guess what? I think being a self proclaimed solo traveller, I am not really alone from the friends I get to meet on my trips. Nope, never alone, these people become my good friends trying to catch up every time we can (if we get to find out we are at the same city of a country or province).

Weekend trips will just be flashpacking (that unlike backpacking, I will be travelling in a flash with a blast!) that includes everything in a package except the time freedom.  It’s okay because at least now I have more funds to finance it(having a job now), so we’ll see where do I go from here…


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