(Fishing Village)

February when I went to visit Mui Ne, town in Pan Thiet province of Vietnam known for their sand dunes.  They do have red and white sand dunes but I only get to see the red ones just because I was told by the local friend with me that it is far from where our guesthouse was.  I didn’t mind because I am fascinated with the red sand dunes already and what’s the difference? It’s just a color.

Aside from sand dunes, there are more to see in Mui Ne.  There is a waterfall few kilometers away but that time I went there was dry so I was advised not to go, I went to see the beach instead and I must say that the beach in Mui Ne is way better than Nha Trang‘s.  Better in a sense of crowd and cleanliness of the area and there’s a lot of things happening because the hotels and guesthouses are just right next to the beach.

(Rattan Boat)

Not only that, I got to see the Fishing Village in Mui Ne as the colorful boats took our attention.  It’s is cool to see the fish boats brightly colored in red and blue parked at the shore (some at the middle of the sea) catching fish of course!

I saw those native ‘Rattan’ round boats too along the beach, the boats individual fishermen use to catch fish.  It looks so cool made me wonder how they can stay afloat and balanced on it while trying to catch fishes on it because they’re small!  Anyway, the locals were so kind enough to let us took photos of their Rattan boats.

We head to the beach after that as we do not have enough time for the day, we left 1pm that afternoon back to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).


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