Let me start this blog… I want to share you guys and gals the interesting, and not so interesting stuff travelling Southeast Asia.. Of course, there are positive and negatives in everything you do , so don’t get me wrong, this will be the start of our fun times together. Join me as I discover the wonders of Southeast.

First Stop – Bangkok, Thailand. Up to Khaosan Road, the famous street for tourists, chaotic and busy. The Thai Street with massive foreign tourist population. Sounds fun? yeah, bet it is. The city is amazingly entertaining how it is enjoyable just watching the streets packed with marketers.

In Khaosan Road, you will never have any trouble finding guesthouses and hotels, they are everywhere. Food is amazing! Unbelievably good even street food. Cosmo girls may hesitate trying it, but I tell you what? It is really, really good! Famous street foods are spring rolls, pad thais, barbeques, fruits & fruit shakes, and my favorite fried rice….hmmm…yummy!

Thailand is known for having clean food even if they are on the streets. Also, Khaosan Road offers accessories, clothes, home decorations, silks, and jewelries. Oh my, I miss Thailand! I’m looking forward for my next trip to Thailand again.

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