Finest Wine in Da Lat, Unbeatable!

Finest Wine in Da Lat- Unbelievable!Finest Wine in Da Lat- Unbelievable!Back in Hue, I was surprised that Vietnam has their own wine and alcoholic products well packaged and at good price. It says on the label Da Lat, obviously it is made from Da Lat. Now that I am in Da Lat, I saw the Dalat’s wine showroom in the town. Guess what? They have more than 20 varieties of wines, liqeurs, and concentrated fruit juices.

Da Lat is known for its cool weather, that makes them fit to grow a lot more varieties of crops, vegetables, flowers, and fruits. Fortunately, they have made their own wine competetive to local and international market. I tell you why, I tried two of their products shown in the photos and its all unbelievably great. Not just the quality, as well as the price. Prices range from 13,000 VND ($.77 cents USD)- 40,000 VND ($2.50 USD) for retail, you can get it cheaper for wholesale.

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