(Me and My Aviators)

Growing up with my father, I always see him wearing those cool aviators.  They were original and would not leave his side wherever he went.  Little did I know that when I started choosing my own fashionable sunglasses, I ended up looking for women who pull it off as hardcore as it looks.

I only get to see few women who pull it off with the aviator shades, especially the classic style, the gold rimmed – green pentacle aviators.  Of course, I started wearing fake ones seeing whether it would suits me or not plus I can get to change color for a cheaper price.  I have worn hundreds of different colored aviators and I always wanted to get the original Ray-Ban one but it was pricey.

When I get to earn my own money, even though I can afford it I would just keep on postponing to buy it because I thought it was expensive.  Then came my last birthday, and wallah!  My boyfriend Chris bought me one a late birthday present!  Guess what? It’s the classic Ray-Ban Aviators! Weeeeeeeeee! One little dream came true! After all these years, it feels great to be like my dad now carrying my aviators wherever I go.

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