After more than three months of waiting since I started this blog, Finally, I got my Page Rank!!! I am working hard to build and create it as impressively as I can just to get my Page Rank as early as I can. I started blogging officially with my own domain name ( Mid-September actually, not even sure of what to talk about first, what my genre shall I be focusing?

I’ve got many interests to write about can’t even think what to focus on, whether travels, food, fashion, music, and stuff… Then I realize I wanted to write randomly and just pick one along the way. Now, I’ve chose to write about fashion more than anything, although, I would still be writing random topics.

Finally, I got my Page Rank!!! and that really made my day, and got one of my goals accomplished! This is a great achievement for me, knowing I am new at REAL BLOGGING WORLD, and not just blogging using Free Network Blogs out there. I want to acknowledge Timon Weller of for helping me build this blog. Wahooooooooooooooooo! Finally, I got my Page Rank!!!

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5 thoughts on “Finally, I got my Page Rank!!!

  1. Hi Lyndsay, on behalf of the bloggers from the free network out there, let me congratulate you on this splendid milestone in your blog. 🙂 Come on, share us the secret(s) okay? God Bless.

  2. Thank you Jan! First and foremost, you got to have your own domain name will make a lot of difference than just blogging from free networks…That’s one big tip! 😀

  3. Hi Lyndsay! Gratz on the PR! It really does feel great to finally get a PR on one’s blog. I’m pretty delighted too to know that my blog’s back on PR three and I finally got to buy my MSI wind notebook using my November’s income. Hehe.

    I’d like to share a tip on how to get a lot of feedburner readers.

    Did you noticed my post on my blog? Check out where the feedburner subscription box on my post is located. You can do the same on your blog if you wish. I’ve tried it on my other blogs and it greatly helped increase my feedburner subscribers.

    Just a tip. Goodluck on your blog! I’ll drop by regularly. Adding you on my technorati favorites too and on twitter ayt?

    Take Care!

  4. Hey thanks sirshatterstar! Yeah, it’s really overwhelming, I thought I won’t get my PR…Congatz to your PR back too! Cool, I wish I would earn that much blogging as well, to buy a new laptop as well…I badly need one, mine is an old acer model.

    Thanks for the tip, I still have a lot to fix here, as you can see, I still have tons of flaws because I just change templates, my other affiliates aren’t added yet, and still working on a new header…

    Also, I still have some dodgy stuff here to change just to fit to the new templates, specially some images that were right to my previous posts but not with this present one…whew! I can go on and on, I still have tons to do…haaaaaaay!

    I just wish I would be to the place where I could be satisfied and treat myself from my blog earnings, as of now…I have to work harder!

    Thanks again and again, and yeah my pleasure to be added on your favorites either of the millions of social networks that we all have… 😀

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