Christmas Abroad

Did you know that there are more people being sent out as workers overseas than products being exported from the Philippines?

How Filipinos Celebrate Christmas Abroad

Yes, which is why you will never find an industry anywhere around the world that has no Filipino in their labor force. They are called, OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers, who leaves everything behind in search for better opportunities.

These are people who ignores homesickness, the time to see their children grow up, their parents dying, attending siblings’ wedding, or children’s graduation day. Most families have one or member who has gone overseas to work and will rarely be complete if it’s even possible.

You may think, how do they celebrate Christmas? They, or we, celebrate it as close as how we celebrate it at home. Most of the decorations were handmade from last year’s yours truly’s handicrafts. Watch the video and find out some little facts of our Christmas traditions and let me know what you think.


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