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How come not many Tula(s) /poems come of of the Philippines? I am not much of a Tula writer myself, however I like to read some nice ones every now and then.. If you are unsure of what a Tula is it is the Filipino word for poem or poetry… Ahhh…

Are many Filipinos into Peoms or Tula?

Personally myself I was hoping a lot would like Tula, but it appears there is not many famous poets in the Philippines. Like I was saying to a friend of mine, I don’t really get into poetry but he remarked heaps of his friends do, he does and he is a westerner from Australia… hmmm… Maybe Filipinos do not like it so much, I don’t know…?

Readers do you know any good Tula..?

I wanted to ask my readers if they know of any good Tula or if you have written any good poems yourself. If so feel free to post them below in the comments section… It would be good to hear some good Filipino feedback… πŸ™‚

If So Comment the Tula / Poem Below..?

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8 thoughts on “Filipino Tula, Filipino Tula, Filipino Tula…

  1. dec. 27, 2008
    12:33 a.m

    as i watched you go away from me
    i saw a glimpse of my future ahead
    a vivid of my life without you…

    through the years,
    i stick with you against all odds…
    done everything i can just to be with you by my side

    ive been called a thousand names
    and still didn’t let it get on my nerves
    and continue to be foolishly in love with you…

    and now,
    the road ahead us is in a crossroads…
    one needs to go on opposite sides…

    i’ve choose to be right ahead of you
    not because i don’t love you anymore…

    i’ve choose to leave you
    not because i don’t care anymore…

    i’ve choose to be alone
    because i know i have to.

    as i watched you leave
    i saw my future differently…

    i saw my life
    i saw myself
    i saw everything

    and everything is different…

  2. hi.. am havin problem with my email right now and i was planning to post a poem in here.. for the meantime i’d just like to appreciate ur website..

  3. Patulain mo ako’t papatulain kita. Sa tula ng nakatulalang nakatitig sa tala. Tulay ng salitang puno nitong mga talata.Sa tula ng tinula nitong mga makata.

  4. I know of a pretty neat site with some filipino poetry, but they’re all in Tagalog. πŸ™ Do you translate?

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