Featuring Rihanna on Italian Vogue

The R&B Princess, Rihanna has been slowly crawling the fashion industry.  Really quiet climbing the stairs to the stage of becoming a fashion icon along with Katie Holmes and Posh Victoria Beckham.

After posing for Louis Vuitton, the high fashion editorial photos came out absolutely stunning to be lined up with the famous chart toppers such as Madonna and Jennifer Lopez.

Those two are known for their style and music, and so is Rihanna.  Yet, Rihanna is the youngest.

Then there’s the controversy of naked photos and the abusive boyfriend came to the spotlight.  It didn’t stop Rihanna to conquer a lot of things like being on Italian Vogue.

Geez! Vogue? from Italy? the fashion capital of the world? hello? It’s huge when you’re talking about fashion.  Well, good to hear that you’re bouncing back Rihanna!

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