After few weeks of being back to work, I finally had a reason to go out and clear my head of anxieties…lol.  My gradeschool classmate Osang, agreed to meet up and watch this movie which we don’t know what is it about.  It just happened that she have seen “Alice in Wonderland” so, we agreed to watch it after finding out that two of our old mates weren’t able to come to see the place we were checking out for our next reunion.

Anyways, I thought it is just a corny romantic movie.  Well, in my girly opinion as to what it did to me…lol…  I reckon to all of you who are planning to see this, be ready to cry.  It is such a tragic movie, listen to every words they are saying because they truly have something to inspire or hit you… They speak of reality, love, society, and family.

The movie was a bit slow, but when you reach the touchy feely part it gets better and better but in a more emotional way.  Fashionista’s rate on story line: Two thumbs up!

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