Michelle Kynzlova: Fashionista of The Month - MAY

MAY is the month of flower, as it is also my birth month, I decided to feature different foreign fashionistas and here is Ms. Michelle Kynzlova, very young at 20.  She is from Prague, Czech Republic.  A University Student of Politics and International Relations, who aspires to become a diplomat one day.  Let us read what she has got to share…

Fashionista of the Month : MAY

LC: What do you think is your great contribution in the world, or shall I say your achievements that will stand you out from ‘just a fashionista’ from the rest?

MK: I am trying to do my best for those, who need a help (it include a new look 😀 ). At the moment, I’m still studying to be more useful one day.

LC: Do you believe that Fashionistas doesn’t know about anything but looks and fashion?

MK: Absolutely no. You can look good and be interested in fashion and also be active as well as interested in anything else, for example… child abuse or animal rights.

You can look at Michelle Obama. She is  nice and has a really good fashion sense and also is very clever and interested in many things.

LC: Is there anything that you want to point out in Fashion Industry or with other Fashion enthusiast that you agree or not agree with?

MK: I really hate, if someone judge others, specially when they aren’t wearing designer clothes.

LC: Who is your Favorite Fashion Icon? Why?

MK: I really like style of Alexis Bledel, like Rory Gilmore in the last series of GG. She combines elegant clothes with normal daily style. And she always looks good.

LC: What do you think of Designer Clothes and Apparels?

MK: I like Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste and I LOVE handbags. I have LV, Gucci..etc. But sometimes, I think that the quality should be better according the price. It isn’t only about clothes and apparel – also for example, in cosmetics and skin cares.

LC: What about Charity vs Highly Expensive Girl Stuff, what’s your view about it?

MK: Charity is a good thing. Helping other is nice and this is good way how to do that. And highly expensive girl stuff…well, if somebody has enough money to buy something really expensive, why not?

LC: What was the most expensive fashion stuff you’ve ever bought?

MK: Big LV handbag.

LC: What inspired you to be into Fashion?

MK: Fashion is great way to  express yourself and mood. I like to experiment with it, because there is so much about it, what you can combine and mixed. I can fulfill myself with that – for example, in the school, I can do that in my own wardrobe 😀 .

LC: What is your style? (Chic? Punk? Casual? Rugged?)… Why? What influenced your style?

MK: It depends on my mood. I am trying to look my best, but always girly. Sometimes I wear something really crazy. Just for fun! 😀

LC: Any Great Dream or Fashion Dream or you want to achieve in the future?

MK: I want to be a peace worker or diplomat. And I wanna have a pair of Jimmy Choo’s! 😀

It has been a pleasure to feature Michelle here as our Fashionista of the Month for May, she is the first foreign fashionitsa that was featured here.  Thank you Michelle for sharing yourself here at LFTFFG!

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