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Our Fashionista of the Month for March is Ms. Melissa Angelica Tolentino a.k.a MEL, 25, Staff Accountant at Capitol Records Hollywood, CA. Born in the Philippines, graduated with a degree in Accounting from one of the Universities in Manila. Mel will answer the questions and prove the stereotyping that Fashionistas rarely achieve anything…

LC: What do you think is your great contribution in the world, or shall I say your achievements that will stand you out from ‘just a fashionista’ from the rest?

MEL: I’m still working on it one day at a time. I want to make a change in the world through my own little ways.

LC: Do you believe that Fashionistas doesn’t know about anything but looks and fashion?

MEL: I completely disagree. My description of being a fashionista is looking good and feeling good inside and out.

LC: Is there anything that you want to point out in Fashion Industry or with other Fashion enthusiast that you agree or not agree with?

MEL: I believe that fashion should not be expensive. I believe that you can be fabulous even if you’re not carrying a designer outfit. If you are confident even if you’re wearing a bargain outfit you’ll look like you’re sporting a red carpet outfit. In short feel great, look great.

LC: Who is your Favorite Fashion Icon? Why?

MEL: I really don’t have a favorite fashion icon in particular. I do love Reese Witherspoon’s style when she played Elle in legally blonde.

LC: What do you think of Designer Clothes and Apparels?

MEL: I do love buying designer clothes and apparels if they are on sale.(That’s cool! 😀 -LC)

LC: What was the most expensive fashion stuff you’ve ever bought?

MEL: I got a pink cell phone a few years ago.

LC: What is your style? (Chic? Punk? Casual? Rugged?)… Why? What influenced your style?

MEL: I think I dress according to the occasion and the weather. I love wearing flattering clothes as it accentuates my figure. I dress girly most of the time, particularly during summertime. I love wearing clothes in any shades of pink. I would say most of the time I love being pink and fabulous. Lol.

Any Great Dream or Fashion Dream or you want to achieve in the future?

I want to be successful CPA someday and maybe a Chef with my own TV show in food network.

There you go, that’s how the interview with MEL went… If you want to become the next Fashionista of The Month, just click here and read more about it…

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