Fashionista of the Month - JUNE

LFTFFG’s Fashionista of the Month for June is Ms. Karen Cedol, 28 years old, who graduated with a degree of Computer Accounting and Management in the Philippines.  Born in Cebu City, Philippines and now resides at Woodbridge, Virginia USA.  Let us hear what Karen has to say about her view of being a fashionista and fashion.

Fashionista of the Month: JUNE

LC: What do you think is your great contribution in the world, or shall I say your achievements that will stand you out from ‘just a fashionista’ from the rest?

KC: Being a law abiding citizen is one of my contribution to the world. It may not give big impact to the change that will happen but it sure does a big step for others.

LC: Do you believe that Fashionistas doesn’t know about anything but looks and fashion?

KC: I really disagree on that. Being a fashionista doesn’t really rely on looks alone. It’s not easy to be a fashionista, it requires a lot of confidence and style.

LC: Is there anything that you want to point out in Fashion Industry or with other Fashion enthusiast that you agree or not agree with?

KC: True fashionistas take pride in defining their look and have enthusiasm about fashion, it doesn’t really require wearing expensive clothes or sporting out of this world dress to be a head turner. Wear what your comfortable with.

LC: Who is your Favorite Fashion Icon? Why?

KC: No one in particular but love to watch FTV.

LC: What do you think of Designer Clothes ans Apparels?

KC: Designer’s clothes are expensive, not really practical but of good quality and style.

LC: What about Charity vs Highly Expensive Girl Stuff, what’s your view about it?

KC: Buying expensive girly stuff is not really necessary, its good to have it but it won’t last long unlike in Charity, you can help a lot of people and touch their lives. You can make a difference.

LC: What was the most expensive fashion stuff you’ve ever bought?

KC: It depends on my mood. Most of the time I wear casual clothes or clothes that I’m really comfortable with.

LC: What inspired you to be into Fashion?

KC: What really inspired me into fashion, is how people tend to their everyday life.  The different cultures, characteristics of each individuals and on the idea on how you will look good for others and satisfying oneself.

LC: What is your style? (Chic? Punk? Casual? Rugged?)… Why? What influenced your style?

KC: It really depends on my mood, but I’m more on the casual style, basically on the comfortable zone.

LC: Any great dream or fashion dream or you want to achieve inthe future?

KC: My great dream aside from being a MOM, is to be the Ambassador of Goodwill.

LC: In behalf of the readers of LFTFFG, I would like to Thank you for cooperating with LFTFFG to make this Fashionista of the Month possible, it ha been a pleasure working with you for this website.  You made this site more enjoyable to read. Thank you very much.

KC: Thank you for asking me to be your Fashionista of the Month too!

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